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We Have Open Positions!

We are a small indie group composed of 6 people with the aim to Create unique and fresh games that are open to all audiences. Give new founding and especially fun engaging experiences to anyone that steps in and play. That's basically what we try to do here as we make games because it's not only fun, despite how peculiar our games turn out to be, but it's also engaging. Any game type is open as long as it's pretty fun, and any applicant willing to try their hand in the development is very much welcome here. Keep in mind we do need those whom are firm contributors to the cause of progress and success.

Team Member Positions

[Project Dream] 3D Texture Artist

We are currently in need of a 3D Texture Artist for our current

Game Project called "Project Dream". For more information about

this position and how to apply, please visit the link below.

Apply Now

Benefits of Cup of Tea Games Team Members

Revenue Share

Team Members will always get Income Revenue Share from any Game that they are involved in that is aimed to generate revenue via advertisements or by selling the game or product in which they have worked in.

Full Accreditation

We're Cup of Tea Games, and according to us, every person who helps us accomplish any sort of project we have in store deserves to be credited both in the actual project, and in the very website you're at right now!

Team Reccomendations

Since there's always going to be a time where any person would receive an opportunity for any external job or in need of looking for somewhere to work in that are in need of some extra background for their portfolio, we've got you covered!

Ready to Join Cup of Tea Games?

Before you dive in, you must first include the following in your letter :

1.) Resume, CV, or equivalent.

2.) A minimum of 1-2 paragraphs explaining why you seek to contact us.

3.) Your current location and Time Zone.

4) Your available hours of the day.

5.) Your Portfolio or Showcase of your work.

Got all that? Great! Then we're all set!

Just send your well put together letter at :

[email protected]

Remember to include all required information in the letter. We will get back to you as soon as possible and we do read all emails sent to us. We shall read it within 10 Business days of receiving your letter. So hang in there!

Thank you ever so much for applying to Cup of Tea Games. We hope to see you soon!