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About this game

Platform : Android Devices / PC                       Engine : Unity 5.1                          Time Started : 1/4/2016            Release : 5/18/2016

Oka the Neko started out in life as a small side project in Cup of Tea Games that was intended to have a 1 month development cycle due to it's ridiculously simple concept. However, as time passed, the game's overall formula was starting to get a bit more complicated and thus Oka the Neko was born. This game is a basic runner with incremental difficulty and instead of pesky achievements that annoy the player for basic tasks, this game features a large vareity of medals that you can earn in which represent your skill level in the game. Separating the different types of skill leveled players. This game also features an in-game store in which the player could buy costumes for their character as well as buy more music tracks for the sound track of the game and buy perks that gamble with chance to get better runs!

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Developers (Release Version)

Boris Pettersson           Handled all Programming and Designed the overall game.

Akuma Kira                      Created all Art Assets and some of the SFX sounds.

Jarren Crist                       Created all In-Game Music and some of the SFX sounds.

Developers (Cosplay Update)

Chris Heron                           Created extra In-Game Music

Brian Benavente Tica     Created Anime Inspired Costumes of the game.

Jessica Laird                          Created additional Art Assets.