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Boris Mikael Ruiz Pettersson

Born : December 4th, 1996 - Miami, Florida , United States

Nationality : Swedish-American

Education : Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico

Time Active : 2012 - Present

Active Responsabilities

- Official Founder of the indie game group organization know as Cup of Tea Games.

- Active Lead of Cup of Tea Games.

- Lead Game Design.

- Lead Programmer.

Contact Info

Email : [email protected]

Work History & Contributions

Cup of Tea Games (Mid 2015 - Present)

- Co-Created the Cellular Automata Unity Prototype Project (Mid 2015 - Late 2015)

- Created the Official Website of Cup of Tea Games (Early 2016)

- Lead Game Design and Programming of Oka the Neko (Early 2016)

BRZ Games (Late 2014 - Mid 2015)

- Created the gaming Sub-Division of BRZ Software known as BRZ Games (Late 2014)

- Directed the Game Project Prototype Project known as Space Miner Project (Early 2015)

- Created and published The Impossible Platformer for PlayStation Vita & PC (Mid 2015)

BRZ Software (Late 2012 - Late 2014)

- Created and founded the Software development group organization known as BRZ Software (Late 2012)

- Created and published the flagship product known as BRZ WebBrowser (Early 2013)

- Created and published the Plugin program that saves Internet Based Pages for Offline Browsing known as BRZ Downloader(Mid 2013)

- Created and presented BRZ Web Browser 4 in the Caribbean Computing Center of Excellence sponsored by the National Science 

Foundation & Won the 2014 best presenter & poster award (Mid 2014)

- Published the public version of BRZ Web Browser 4 in the official BRZ Software website (Late 2014)