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The Official Blog for Cup of Tea Games! We post project related stuff here about any projects on the works!

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Broken Dreams : First Light Beta

Posted by Boris Pettersson on July 11, 2018 at 9:25 AM Comments comments (0)

The Test Beta for Broken Dreams : First Light is now available! Go to it's game page or visit the Beta page to gain access to it after signing in to your Cup of Tea Games Beta account. Feedback is necessary for us to be able to continue improving it so that the public release would be in tip top shape. Feedback is welcome through our Twitter DM's, Discord channel, blog comment section, and our Youtube channel comment sections. We thank you so much for giving it a go!

Check out the trailer in the Game Page and further information.

Airport Lugger Release

Posted by Boris Pettersson on July 11, 2018 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Airport Lugger is finally here! Our latest mobile game has arrived to PC and is available for free in the following webstores :

GameJolt :

Itch.Io :

Airport Lugger is a small 2 week Android Project made to create and test our new development framework, car physics, crashing physics, efficient and optimized programming, modeling, and building techniques that would help us apply such in future Cup of Tea Games titles.

The end result is a short and fun car destroying game with ragdoll physics that would challenge the player in multiple courses throughout the game in which would prove an interesting and addicting mobile game for anyone to try! Test your driving skills as you attack corners while avoiding obstacles and delivering a variety of different luggage to the airplane in question. Complete all sorts of tasks and gain tokens to use to buy better vehicles and costumes for your lugger character. Think you have what it takes to become the ultimate airport luggage transporter personnel?

Cup of Tea Games Development Update

Posted by Boris Pettersson on November 13, 2017 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (0)

The avid person in which follows and keeps up with Cup of Tea Games has noticed a massive decline in communications and posts from myself, Cup of Tea Games, and other news material regarding Cup of Tea Games and it's games. I shall assume and answer the questions I belive are relevant to the situation.

Why the sudden silence from Cup of Tea Games?

Cup of Tea Games as many know is an Indie Studio that primarily operates remotely from diverse places of the world. Meaning that our developers live in remote places and maintain communication via superb online tools that allow us to keep track of information and develop our games. However, with the best software available, it does not mean communication shall be crisp. In any indie dev team, people come, people go, people don't respond, work is left undone, etc. That's the reality when it comes to creating content in a team moreso in starters such as ourselves. We are currently facing a shortage in man power for our media and content generation as well as our current project.

But if it's a normal occurance, What happened this time?

Throughout 2 months ago since the passing of Hurricaine Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Many people from the southern US and Caribbean where largely affected by these devastating hurricaines, some members of Cup of Tea Games where affected, myself included. Which lead to significant reduction in develpment and maintanence.

So What Now?

Time for a change. Cup of Tea Games is now undergoing staff reassignment and management to better organize our operations. Our current project, Project Dream shall officially continue it's development with the members curently present and shall seek out new ones to help shave off the development time needed to complete our milestone. Upcoming soon there shall be more screenshots of what's being developed as well as more consistant update in our blog. We intend to post a vast amount of content in our blog and pass it on to our social media so we can generate more readers for this page as well as deliver on more content.

That being established, I will also post some content in my personal channel as well over my end of the development table as well as update progress over changes and new content for Cup of Tea Games. I hope for my sake and for everyone in Cup of Tea Games that we shall recover and come back properly!

My Experience at GDC

Posted by Alex Rude on May 10, 2017 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (0)

2017 marks the third year That I've attended the Game Developer's Conference. Each time that I attend, I always find something unexpected that leaves a strong impression on me, not only as a game developer but as someone who has been an avid admirer of games from the time they were a kid.

In 2015 it was the emerging use of V.R. technologies and the sense of immersion they brought to gaming.

In 2016 it was a single display in which a digital display was projected onto a pile of sand that could be shaped at the player's will. The height and depth of the sand would correspond into readings of altitude, creating a physical/digital terrain through which the players would need to maneuver a pair of tanks. It was my first real look at augmented reality technology and out of everything I saw at the conference that year it was the thing that left the strongest impression on me.

This year's conference hosted an event called Alt-Control, in which independent game developers and students were given the task of creating alternate methods of player interaction for games. The technology showcased ranged from simple, to complex and even the bizarre, from a space shooter game that required players to sit in a cardboard box made to look like a child's homemade rocket ship, to a game that utilized a controller built around a spring.

But the entry that managed to gain the most attention (and take home an award) was The Fear Sphere, a truly unique display which consisted of an inflated sphere of black plastic that a player would enter and a projector/controller fashioned to look like a bulky flashlight. The player would stand in the center of the sphere and shine the projector on the interior surface, creating the effect of being in an unlit environment with only a flashlight to help them see where they were going. With the help of someone standing outside the sphere giving directions, the player would then have to navigate a labyrinth of dark corridors and stairwells until they finally reached the exit.

For the three years that I have attended, I have come away from the Game Developer's Conference with a sense or excitement and wonder at the innovation of my fellow game developers and I eagerly look forward to seeing what next year's conference will bring to the table.

Oka the Neko : Cosplay Update

Posted by Boris Pettersson on September 29, 2016 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (0)

It's finally time for a new update for Oka the Neko!


Oka the Neko came out months ago and it was a very exciting moment for Cup of Tea Games. Now with a few requests from fans of the game, we introduce to you a new update that satisfies with such demads, the Cosplay Update!




This update shall include the following :


- 8 New anime insipred costumes


- 2 New Songs


- New WideScreen feature


- Greatly reduced prices in the Shop


- Improved Character Interaction


- General Bug Fixing




This Update shall begin testing phase as a test build exclusive for Site Members of Cup of Tea Games!


If you wish to try it out a week before release, go to the Members Page



New Members!

Posted by Blazzlie on September 12, 2016 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Whilist working on our projects, we do require sometimes individuals willing to give a hand in order to work on or complet projects, we have yet to announce bigger plans but the best that we can say for now is the following :

1.) Oka the Neko update on the works

- New costumes

- No adverts.

- New designs

Oka the Neko has been released for quite some time and we figured the best way to move on from the game is to give it on big final update. We do support the game for fixes but we have to move on into other projects. So the support for Oka the Neko shall unfortunately end quite soon. So we shall take away ads since they contribute to quality loss, since mobile ad revenues i ever so insufficient, we decided to rid of it all together. However, we have recieved some fan costume designs that we are willing to incorporate into the game as long as do some bug fixing, price reduction, and so forth. Expect the new update to arrive in the next coming weeks.

2.) Project Dreams

We have been extrordinarily obscure over our current game projcet dubbed Project Dreams, and for good reason. When completely new and different approaches to make games are made, different types of people are required for job. This explains why most of Cup of Tea Games members are 3Dorienteated so you have the idea that the project itself is 3D. We promise we'll showcase content at te very least of next month over this, as resources and game content is far too insufficient to showcase, since we want to give a proper impression over the game. So we shall update the website quite soon in the "Games" page to include more details about this. Until then, patience is key!

3.) New Members

We have recieved a vast number of applications for not only Project Dreams but also for Oka the Neko. We now have chosen one Story Narrative Writer in order to give more depth to Project Dreams, and we have now a new 2D Artist for Oka the Neko. We shal put both of themto the ultimate test in order to ensure both projects's quality should stay where it should be. Therefore, the members page should be updated quite soon. We are also seeking a PR Manager to aid us with twitter and social media in general as we devote the great majority of our time working on these projects. So the Open Positions page should be updated as well!

Remember, Patience is key.

- Boris Pettersson

New Updates!

Posted by Boris Pettersson on August 13, 2016 at 11:05 PM Comments comments (0)

It's been a while since we last posted new content regarding Cup of Tea Games Updates and such. Here's what you need to know so far :

1.) Upcoming Patreon Functionality so we'd have the best support possible.

2.) New Team Member Brian Tica was added. (3D Animation Specialist).

3.) New Game Project on the works, expect a short reveal in the upcoming weeks.

4.) The Cup of Tea Games family is ever growing, since we spontaneously added new people into the team.

5.) The website is quite new and fresh so we plan to update it more regularly.

6.) This is the developer blog after all, we shall post more in the future over our development period of our super secret project.

So we hope you guys are excited as we are! (For those of you reading, by the way.) So without any delay, we shall show you quite soon what e have in store, so with great patience in which we dearly ask, we shall deliver!

- Boris Pettersson

We Have Merch & Game Updates

Posted by BlindFold Games on June 20, 2016 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (0)

    So, after some time and a lot of orgranising. We now have merch, which is super cool ! This will allow us to not only fund the team but also get some awesome t-shirts and such made in the process. Shall we talk about what we have ? Well you're not gonna be able to answer, so I'll do it for you. YES ! Let's get into to that. So far we have various stickers, to do with Oka the Neko (which by the way if you haven't check that out yet, you should, here's a link, ). The sticker's are to do with character from the game and also a few easter eggs. We also have t-shirts for Oka the Neko, the website is awesom and allows for amazing customisable options, it's really cool. Not only do we have Oka the Neko merch, but also just general Cup Of Tea Games stuff, like PHONE COVERS, yea, phone covers, also a neat little sticker. 

    What does this all mean for the general CTG supporter. Well, if you like what we do and would like to support us and get something cool out of it, then you can buy some cool merch. Everything goes through the website, that means that we don't handle any delivery or money handling, which allows you a bit of piece of mind. All we see is the small amount of money at the end and maybe even the amazing pictures that you guys send us on twitter (@CupOfTeaGames). 

   After all the talking about merch, here's a link to the online shop ( ).

  Not only have we been working on some cool merch, but we are also currently in the concept stage for an upcoming project. The project is very exciting and there is not much I can tell you, but here is a trailer for it ( ). That should at least give your blood hungry nerd inside of you, something to nibble on.

   That's all for now I guess, thank you guys for reading. Don't forget to follow us on twitter for more updates, subsribe on youtube for more teasers and also sign up to this website to allow you access to spoilers and maybe even some more merch in the future. BYE !


Private Beta Launched

Posted by Boris Pettersson on May 6, 2016 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Oka the Neko : Running Game (Private Beta.)

Before we go public on the beta, we are testing out the final version before the public beta with fellow developers and of course super close buddies. But don't worry, a public link shall be issued in a few days from now over the public beta and if it all goes swell than the game shall be released! 

Oka the Neko : Fixes & Updates

Posted by Boris Pettersson on April 29, 2016 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Oka the Neko's Private Alpha has ended some time ago, so here are the updates so far : 

- Fixed Framerate from not being constant on mobile devices.

- Significantly shortened long load times for gameplay and Shop.

- Added costumes and music to be bought at the shop as well as gameplay perks. 

- Added 4 new interactable characters in main game.

- Added a Real Time Day & Night cycle for the game.

- Added 3 new achievements in the game.

- Fixed known Leaderboard glitches.

- Added rare coins.

- Added Ads in the game. (Don't worry, they're not the annoying kind of ads.)

- Alot of minor bug fixes that pertain to performance.

The game's Beta is almost here so we shall launch a private beta to members here at CTG so you guys can get to see for yourself how the game is before launch! Expect the beta available anytime soon!